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Jonathan “JV” Vaughters runs the United State’s oldest professional cycling team, an international organization of over 120 riders and staff that race across the globe. A former pro and teammate of Lance Armstong, JV founded the team as a repudiation of cycling’s rampant culture of doping. Over the course of a decade, he built a squad that competes at the highest level–drug free. 

In 2020, after sweeping the top three spots at the season’s first major race, Tour Colombia, his team appears poised to capture cycling’s most coveted prize: a win at the 21- day odyssey of the Tour de France. JV’s top rider, Rigoberto “Rigo” Urán, a Colombian superstar, is returning to form after a catastrophic injury. He is accompanied by two acolytes and countrymen, Dani Martinez and Sergio Higuita, both of whom would sacrifice themselves to place Rigo on the podium. A pair of U.S. riders, TeJay van Garderen, a steely veteran and father of two young girls with nine tours under his belt, and Neilson Powless, a doe-eyed newcomer, complete the ensemble. Enter the Slipstream lives within the world of JV and this band of riders during a year of insecurity and potential, voyaging from Colombia to Spain and onto France, where they fight their way from the Cote-d’Azur through 3,000 kilometers of French countryside all the way to Paris. Through victories and heartbreaks, these young men ceaselessly pedal forward while JV maintains a brave face and hides the secret that could tear the team apart. 

Along the journey, we discover why the Tour de France is not so much a race as a cultural institution. We learn about the sport’s fragile economics, made only more vulnerable by a coronavirus settling like dust across the planet. And we take inspiration from seeing how the seemingly solitary activity of riding a bike competitively is an act of teamwork in the purest form.



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Jonathan “JV” Vaughters
Rigoberto “Rigo” Urán
Dani Martinez
Sergio Higuita
TeJay van Garderen
Neilson Powless
Documentary | English | USA 
Image by paolo candelo


Glasgow | Scotland

Drygate Brewery

MAY 19, 2024
London | UK

Via Atelier Bike Shop

MAY 16, 2024
Anchorage, AK | USA

Bear Tooth Theatre

JUNE 12, 2023
Lake Placid, NY | USA

Adirondack Film Society
Lake Placid Center for the Arts

MAY 19, 2023
Etna, CA | USA


MAY 5, 2023
Los Angeles, CA | USA

Laemmle Theaters
Santa Monica

MAY 3, 2023
Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN | USA

Riverview Theater

APRIL 29 / 30, 2023

DCTV/Firehouse Cinema

APRIL 26 - 27, 2023
Manchester | UK

Velo Edge Bike Shop

MAY 18, 2024
Boulder, CO | USA


JULY 14, 2023
Great Barrington, MA | USA

Berkshire International Film Festival

JUNE 1 - 4, 2023
Seattle, WA | USA

Northwest Film Forum
Alliance Francaise

May 14, 2023
Los Angeles, CA | USA

Laemmle Theaters

MAY 4, 2023
Los Angeles, CA | USA

Laemmle Theaters
North Hollywood

MAY 2, 2023
NYC (Pelham), NY | USA

The Picture House

APRIL 29, 2023
Larkspur, CA | USA

Lark Theater

APRIL 20 & 22, 2023

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by

Filius Blue

FILIUS BLUE is a film/tv composer duo, comprised of Colombian-American Alexander Stix-Brunell
and French-Canadian Uriel Vanchestein.

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